About the ISG Global Network

The ISG Global Network is just what the name implies, a global network of ISG Students, Graduates and many others who just love gemstones and are not currently enrolled in any education program. This is the premier internet website for all topics related to gemology education and support for professionals and hobbyist alike.

What Sets Us Apart

Unlike some internet gem societies that are headed up by internet experts and not gemology professionals, the ISG Global Community has been established and is maintained by seasoned gemology professionals with many decades working in all phases of the gemstone industry. We are unique in the internet, and no other organization or society can provide you with such a high level of professional knowledge and service, all provided by active professional gemologists.

The ISG Global Network was founded by the International School of Gemology a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Education Organization dedicated to the success of everyone in the industry. The ISG is the internet’s foremost education organization for gemology and jewelry appraisal. Through our gemological resources we provide you with the internet’s most complete…and most up to date….resource for gemology knowledge and expertise, to help those looking to expand their professional gemstone business. Those just starting in your career or hobby of gemology, and those who would simply like to learn more by learning and working with industry professionals, are welcome.

All are welcome. We welcome you to participate in the free ISG Global Network, the internet’s most complete gemology resource for professionals and hobbyists.

Robert James FGA, GG
President, International School of Gemology